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Fernando Vazquez is a seasoned commercial real estate executive specializing in office, retail, industrial properties, and all asset classes including student housing, multi-family, and affordable housing. With over twenty years of experience, he excels in transforming projects through strategic leadership, innovative operational strategies, and expertise in building financial pricing models to grow strategic business objectives.

  • University of North Texas - BAAS
  • Texas Salesperson Real Estate License
  • Spanish - Fluent

About 5VRE Principal - Fernando Vazquez

With a career spanning over two decades in the dynamic world of commercial real estate, Fernando Vazquez stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic leadership. He is currently the Principal at 5VRE Consulting. He has served as the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Marquette in Dallas, Texas, where he meticulously carved a niche in managing diverse asset classes including mixed-use, retail, office, medical, industrial, senior living, and multi-family properties.

Fernando's journey in the real estate sector began at Cushman & Wakefield where his keen analytical skills and dedication as a Research Specialist laid the foundation for his illustrious career. His journey through various roles, including a significant tenure at CBRE as a Senior Financial Analyst and Client Care America Manager, has imbued him with unparalleled knowledge and a multifaceted perspective on the industry. During his tenure at CBRE, Fernando played a pivotal role in the perfection of the Asset Service pricing model. His analytical skills and keen understanding of financial intricacies significantly enhanced the model's accuracy and effectiveness, greatly benefiting clients and CBRE.

At Newmark Knight Frank, Fernando further honed his skills as a Senior Managing Director/Market Leader, where he excelled in portfolio strategy consulting, aligning real estate assets with overarching business objectives, and creating robust operational models.

His leadership at Madison Marquette is marked by remarkable accomplishments, notably managing a $6.2 billion investment portfolio across 330 assets in 20 states, and leading a formidable team of over 600 employees. Fernando’s strategic foresight is evident in his ability to integrate executive and operational strategies, fostering a culture of efficiency and innovation.

In addition to his real estate expertise, Fernando is proficient in CRM and ERP systems, including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle ERP Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. His ability to leverage these systems has driven operational efficiencies, enhanced client relationships, and optimized business processes.

As a thought leader in the industry, Fernando’s approach to property management, renovations, asset repositioning, and his adeptness in mergers & acquisitions consulting, have consistently delivered enhanced value and growth. His commitment to sustainability, technology integration, and diversified investment strategies reflect his adaptability and forward-thinking in an ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Fernando Vazquez is more than just a real estate executive; he is a visionary shaping the future of commercial real estate investment and management.

Mission & Vision Statement


"At 5VRE Consulting, our mission is to empower clients with innovative and strategic solutions in commercial real estate. We are committed to aligning real estate investments with business objectives, driving asset optimization, and navigating complex transactions with expertise. Our focus is on delivering sustainable, technology-driven, and financially sound strategies that enhance property value and ensure client success."


"Our vision is to be the leading authority in commercial real estate consulting, recognized for transforming the landscape of property management and investment. We aspire to set industry benchmarks in sustainability, technological integration, and portfolio diversification. At 5VRE Consulting, we aim to forge lasting partnerships, inspire change, and drive growth in the real estate sector, while maintaining our commitment to ethical practices and community impact."

Services Offered

Portfolio Strategy Consulting

5VRE provides a dive deep into the alignment of your real estate and FM assets with your business objectives. 5VRE expertise helps in creating a roadmap for change, optimizing asset utilization, and developing financial and operational models. Additionally, our proficiency in CRM and ERP systems enhances the efficiency and performance of your operations, ensuring seamless integration and optimized processes

Asset Optimization

At 5VRE, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial real estate services, focusing on enhancing property management efficiency, strategic renovations and upgrades, and asset repositioning to align with market demands. Our approach includes implementing sustainability and energy-saving practices, integrating advanced technology for operational efficiency, and conducting in-depth market analysis for optimal investment timing.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

5VRE also specializes in merger and acquisition consulting, offering expert guidance through complex real estate transactions to maximize investment value. Our approach integrates sustainability, advanced technology for operational efficiency, and meticulous market analysis to inform investment timing. We emphasize diversified investment strategies across various real estate types to balance risk and optimize returns for our clients..

What sets 5VRE apart


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M&A deals

Client Feedback

What truly sets Fernando apart, however, is his innate leadership ability. He leads with both integrity and intelligence, fostering a culture of accountability and collaboration that is rare in today's business world. His approach to team management and development has had a profound impact on how our organization works together.

Joy Person - Finch & Daisy - CEO

One of Fernando's remarkable strengths lies in his adept management of multi-million-dollar budgets and his exemplary leadership of over 600 employees. His role in mergers and acquisitions has consistently showcased his strategic acumen and contributed significantly to the success of our organization. After concluding one merger and an acquisition, Fernando and I worked closely in integrating those two companies into Madison Marquette.

Carlos Acha - Madison Marquette - Corporate Service

Fernando's expertise in the industry is nothing short of remarkable. He possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics and a unique ability to anticipate and adapt to changing trends. His strategies in asset management, particularly in diversification and risk management, are not only innovative but also highly effective, ensuring sustainable growth and stability in every project he undertakes.

Nicole Flippen - Horizon Land Co. LLC - General Counsel

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